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Our Monthly Newsletter “Apti-News” is now “The Browser” – January 2024 Edition

Aptitude Internet Solutions Monthly Newsletter


Making the internet better, one connection at a time” Issue No. 5, January 2024


Last month, Protect IQ safeguarded our subscribers against over 1100 digital attacks. The internet can be a dangerous place, full of worms, viruses, malware, and hackers – but you never need to worry about your online security when you’re protected with Protect IQ, included at no extra charge in all of our fiber optic internet packages that include a router. Peace of mind, at one simple price.

Protect IQ acts like a silent sentinel, monitoring and defeating threats ranging from highly organized, state sponsored hacking units to common online criminals engaged in illicit activities. It’s fee-free, no hassle security you’ll always get when you stay connected with Aptitude.


In 2023, Aptitude Internet Solutions undertook our largest project to date with the construction of the Rolla & St. James fiber optic network. The mainline of our new fiber network took over 1,000,000 feet (that’s over 300 miles!) of fiber optic cable to complete, passing over 4000 previously underserved, rural homes and businesses.

Our Fiber Drop Teams recently began deploying the “last mile” of our fiber optic infrastructure directly to homes and businesses throughout the service area. Once this step of the process is complete, our Customer Care Team will call you to schedule an installation appointment. During installation our Install Techs will optimize router location, guide you through your new managed Wi-Fi app and answer any question you have.

We are excited to begin fiber drops to homes and businesses and will be working hard to complete this phase as quickly as possible. Sign up for Early Bird notifications to receive regular updates on our progress directly. You can also subscribe to our Facebook page for updates at


At Aptitude, we pride ourselves in delivering world-class broadband connection and impeccable, personalized service to our community. We also dabble a bit in some social media content now and then.

Our next short form video is set to premiere soon. “Good Wi-Fi Hunting” is an amusing parody about a genius janitor and Wi-Fi technician with the solution to a professor’s pursuit of the missing Wi-Fi password. We hope you enjoy! We are also on TikTok @aptitudeinternet.

Give us a follow, send us a like and share our socials with a friend. We post regular updates on our services and community involvement you won’t want to miss.



Did you know that you can save $30 a month on your internet plan if you meet certain criteria? The Affordable Connectivity Plan (ACP) is a federal program administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that helps to lower the cost of your monthly internet bill.

Check to see if you qualify and apply directly to get the benefits at

You can find more information on how to apply by visiting our site at or give our Customer Care Team a call at 573-755-0555 and we’ll be glad to guide you through the process.


Who’s that knocking at your door, dropping off packages on your porch? It’s Arlo, from Aptitude!

Soon we will be launching our connected, smart security solution – video doorbell and cloud enabled home monitoring camera packages.

Secure Pro by Aptitude will be your new, must-have, comprehensive home security and internet solution tailored to meet your needs at the price that’s right for your budget.

The experts on our Customer Care Team will help you to determine the right combination of the security you want and the bandwidth you need.

Subscribe to our Facebook page for the official announcement to be the first to know when Secure Pro packages are available in your area.



Customer Care Team: Tier II Tech Support


Favorite Food: Sushi; Japanese cuisine

Favorite Video Game: Fortnite; LEGO Fortnite

Favorite TV Show: Psych

Wants to travel more; to see the world

Loves his faux plant George, his girlfriend Brie and all of his friends

Degrees: Associate of Arts, General Studies

Currently Studying Computer Networking

Mason Lehew joined the Aptitude Internet Solutions team in 2021 when he was 18 years old. He started right after graduating from high school and enrolling at Mineral Area College, where he has since earned an Associate of Arts degree.

Lehew began his career at Aptitude as a Customer Care Representative, guiding subscribers towards their perfect internet solution, but soon his ambitions and expertise elevated him to his current role as a Tier II Tech Support Specialist – helping customers to tackle more challenging technical issues.

As Aptitude expands to more service areas, Lehew is set to take on a supervisory role for technical support.

Often times when customers end up on the phone with Lehew, it’s because they’ve been facing a frustrating technical challenge. Many say that Lehew’s friendly and helpful demeanor is immediately reassuring.

He has been commended by customers and co-workers alike for being kind, patient and helpful.

Unfortunately, most callers don’t stay on the line with Lehew for very long as his extensive troubleshooting repertoire quickly guides them to a sustained and satisfying solution…(CONTINUED ON PAGE 4)



In October, Lehew attended Calix Connexions, an industry conference in Las Vegas, Nevada where he doubled down on his passion for providing world-class internet service.

In addition to his role of providing technical support, Lehew is interested in learning the business side of operations, particularly sales. Lehew is an outstanding member of the Aptitude Internet family and we are all proud to have him on our team.

You can reach Lehew, or any member of our technical support team by calling
573-755-0555 or emailing


In December, Aptitude Internet Solutions was proud to gift $1000 to five local families in our community for the holiday season. We know that many experience additional stresses and some face nearly overwhelming challenges around this time of year. We will always do what we can and hope to be able to do more each year as our company grows and our community expands.

We aim to always maintain our commitment to treating you as more than just a subscriber, because you are also our family, friends, and neighbors. We look forward to participating in a number of community events planned for this year and hope to see you around.



JAN Ice skating at Wilson-Rozier Park

JAN 1, Ste. Genevieve, First Day Hike at Hawn State Park

JAN 13, 11AM – Farmington, Cornhole Tournament at Spokes Pub & Grill

JAN 15, Holiday, Martin Luther King Jr Day

JAN 26, 6PM, Farmington, Trivia Night at Mineral Area College


JAN Scholarship Fundraiser Raffle – Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Show Me Scholars & Tech Masters Scholarship Fund, Drawing on April 17, 2024

JAN 12-20 “You Can’t Take It With You”| Fine Linen Theatre | Rolla, MO


Jan. 8-15 – Steam Sale, Capitalism & Economy Fest

Jan. 22-29 – Steam Sale, Pirates Vs. Ninjas Fest

Jan. 18 – Bulletstorm VR (PC, PS5, Quest)

Jan. 18 – Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox)

Jan. 19 – Another Code: Recollection (Switch)

Jan. 19 – The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered (PS5)

Jan. 23 – Howl (PS5, Xbox Series X)

Jan. 25 – Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One)

Jan. 25 – Under-Night In-Birth 2 Sys:Celes (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC)

Jan. 26 – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)

Jan. 26 – Tekken 8 (PC, PS5, Xbox Series X)

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