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Your Business Internet Solution

Switch to Aptitude Internet Solutions today and enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable internet service that will boost your business performance.

Find the Internet Speed to Fit Your Business Needs

At Aptitude Internet we’re proud to support other small businesses by providing the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable fiber optic internet available.  As a small local business, we understand your needs, challenges and the amazing products and services you offer our community.  Let us help your business be its best, by providing you with fast, local and reliable Fiber internet service!


up to

10,000 Mbps

Fiber Internet Speeds


starting at


*prices may vary by your location


up to

999 Mbps

Fiber Internet Speeds


starting at


*prices may vary by your location


up to

333 Mbps

Fiber Internet Speeds


starting at


*prices may vary by your location

The Smart Choice for Small Businesses

Fast, Reliable, Local Fiber Internet

Don’t settle for slow and expensive internet that hampers your productivity and growth. Switch to Aptitude Internet Solutions today and enjoy the benefits of a fast and reliable internet service that will boost your business performance.

An All-In-One Managed Wi-Fi Solution Built For Small Business. Smart.

Put the power of SmartBiz in your hands with the SmartBiz CommandWorx app. Monitor and manage each element of the solution to match the unique needs of your small business. Set up service-specific networks, enable network security, create a branded customer Wi-Fi portal and more!

Flexible Network Inside and Out

Our integrated solution makes connecting both wired and wireless systems seamless – giving you comfort that all your business and patron devices are connected.

Always on with Backup

SmartBiz has options for cellular backup that give you added connectivity and uptime, keeping your business running and your customers happy.

Business Grade Cyber Security

From POS to staff and customer guest networks, built-in firewalls and proactive network security traffic monitoring protect you from cyber threats.

Engage Your Customers

Guest Wi-Fi delivers valuable insights so you can promote your business through a beautiful, branded and seamless interface.

Set Up the CommandWorx App Using Our Video Tutorials

CommandWorx by Aptitude Internet

Simple Wi-Fi Management

More time to do what you do best

Exercise full control of your Wi-Fi with CommandWorx, a self-service mobile app designed to make your network management a breeze. With CommandWorx, you can easily set up and share Wi-Fi networks, create a branded Wi-Fi portal for customers, receive security alerts, manage staff profiles, and set custom rules for device access. 

Network Security & Content Moderation

Peace of mind with built-in safeguards

Get protected from costly cyberattacks and unscheduled downtime with SmartBiz Network Security, an integrated security system that blocks suspicious traffic, eliminates virus threats, and safeguards your data against intrusions.

Safeguard your staff and customers from harmful content with customizable restrictions. Increase your peace of mind and reduce your liabilities. 

Dedicated Networks

Effortlessly manage up to four separate networks specifically designed for small businesses.  

Primary Network

for business devices

POS Network

for business-critical devices

Staff Network

for employee workstations or personal devices

Customer Network

a branded portal for customers

Scalable Guest Wi-Fi Delivers

The Ultimate Visitor Experience

Give your customers even more reasons to visit, stay longer and be more engaged, loyal, and satisfied.

A better visitor experience with branded Wi-Fi

Gain a better understanding of who your visitors are and what they care about

Easily make changes to your guest Wi-Fi

Worry-free network access and page rendering

Fully managed by Aptitude means less hassle for you

Wi-Fi Serves as a Marketing Opportunity, Delivering the Most Unique Experience

Customer Wi-Fi Access Portal

  • Collect names and email addresses
  • Customize a branded welcome screen
  • Set customer terms of service
  • Set hours of operation
  • Set session limits
  • Review usage reporting

Cellular Network Backup

Stay connected during unexpected outages with cellular backup that protects Network Resiliency and keeps your critical systems online and your business operational. 

How does Aptitude Internet Compare to Other Providers?

Fiber Internet Satelite Internet DSL Internet Cable
Up to 10 Gbps ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 𝗫
Unlimited Data ✔️ 𝗫 ✔️ ✔️
Consistent Service ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 ✔️
Unaffected By Weather ✔️ X ✔️ ✔️
Locally Owned ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 𝗫
No Hidden Fees ✔️ X X X


Aptitude’s digital experts will help you determine which level of service best suits your browsing behavior or business needs.

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Locally-owned and family-operated, Aptitude puts the needs of our customers and community at the center of everything we do.

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We are constantly expanding our service area, bringing affordable, high-speed internet service to more homes and businesses.

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Additional Questions? Contact our team at or 573-755-0555

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