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From Our Family to Yours

Our customer-focused approach to internet service ensures your Aptitude Internet experience will always be exceptional.

    When we created Aptitude Internet Solutions in 2010, my partners and I first made a list of things we liked and disliked about internet service providers. We discovered that our biggest complaints—hidden fees, impersonal service, spotty or slow connections, data limits—were shared by many, especially those living in rural areas. The question, then, was simple: “How do we make the internet better?”

    From the beginning, we set out to change the internet service culture by treating customers less like “subscribers” and more like family members, friends, and neighbors. For years, this client-focused approach has influenced every aspect of our business, from the way we communicate with customers to our rejection of industry standards like data caps, exorbitant late fees, and constant rate increases. Above all, we strive to provide people with the fastest, most reliable, and most affordable internet access possible, regardless of where they live or work.

    "The internet can and should be better; at Aptitude, we strive to make it so."

    Cole Smith - CEO

    Cole Smith, CEO


    Business Hours

    Mon – Fri: 8AM – 8PM
    Sat – Sun: 10AM – 2PM

    Aptitude Internet Solutions - Where You Are Family

    Aptitude Internet Is:

    Our network is constantly tested, fortified, and upgraded to ensure our internet service is the best in Southeast Missouri. Unlike other wireless providers, Aptitude Internet keeps you connected even during the Midwest’s most unpredictable weather.

    At Aptitude Internet, we treat our clients like neighbors, friends, and family because that’s exactly what they are. We strive to redefine the traditional internet service provider by putting customers and customer experience before everything else.

    How does Aptitude Internet Compare to Other Providers?

    Fiber Internet Satelite Internet DSL Internet Cable
    Up to 10 Gbps ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 𝗫
    Unlimited Data ✔️ 𝗫 ✔️ ✔️
    Consistent Service ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 ✔️
    Unaffected By Weather ✔️ X ✔️ ✔️
    Locally Owned ✔️ 𝗫 𝗫 𝗫
    No Hidden Fees ✔️ X X X


    Whats the Word

    Aptitude’s digital experts will help you determine which level of service best suits your browsing behavior or business needs.

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    Locally-owned and family-operated, Aptitude puts the needs of our customers and community at the center of everything we do.

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    We are constantly expanding our service area, bringing affordable, high-speed internet service to more homes and businesses.

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    Additional Questions? Contact our team at or 573-755-0555

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