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Employee Spotlight: Mason Lehew

Employee Spotlight: Mason Lehew

Photo: Mason Lehew (top) and his beloved plastic plant "George" (bottom) at the Tech Support Command Center ready to tackle tough technical challenges.
Customer Care Team: Tier II Tech Support


Favorite Food: Sushi; Japanese Cuisine
Favorite Video Game: Fortnite; LEGO Fortnite
Favorite TV Show: Psych
Wants: To travel more; to see the world
Loves: His girlfriend Brie and all of his friends
Degrees: Associate of Arts, General Studies
Currently Studying: Computer Networking

Mason Lehew joined the Aptitude Internet Solutions team in 2021 when he was 18 years old. He started right after graduating from high school and enrolling at Mineral Area College, where he has since earned an Associate of Arts degree.

Lehew began his career at Aptitude as a Customer Care Representative, guiding subscribers towards their perfect internet solution, but soon his ambitions and expertise elevated him to his current role as a Tier II Tech Support Specialist – helping customers to tackle more challenging technical issues.

As Aptitude expands to more service areas, Lehew is set to take on a supervisory role for technical support.

Often times when customers end up on the phone with Lehew, it’s because they’ve been facing a frustrating technical challenge. Many say that Lehew’s friendly and helpful demeanor is immediately reassuring.

He has been commended by customers and co-workers alike for being kind, patient, and helpful.

Unfortunately, most callers don’t stay on the line with Lehew for very long as his extensive troubleshooting repertoire quickly guides them to a sustained and satisfying solution.

In October, Lehew attended Calix Connexions, an industry conference in Las Vegas, Nevada where he doubled down on his passion for providing world-class internet service.

In addition to his role of providing technical support, Lehew is interested in learning the business side of operations, particularly sales. Lehew is an outstanding member of the Aptitude Internet family and we are all proud to have him on our team.

You can reach Lehew, or any member of our technical support team by calling 573-755-0555 or emailing

Photo: Mason Lehew ready to board the bus during Aptitude Team Building 2023.

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