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Employee Spotlight: Colin Martin

Employee Spotlight: Colin Martin

Photo: The Martin family gathers for a group photo at their home.
Underground Locator


Rides: A Motorcycle
Instructed: Wake Boarding
Loves: His Family
Favorite Author: Anthony Bourdain
Favorite Restaurant: Catfish Kettle
Excited: To grow with Aptitude

Colin Martin joined the Aptitude Internet team in 2020 as a Fiber Splicer performing critical work on our then brand-new fiber optic network construction. He quickly demonstrated a variety of talents and adaptability to other roles and has served as both an Underground & Aerial Crewman before transitioning to his current role as Utility Locator. If you want to know more about the man safeguarding the underground fiber optics infrastructure throughout our network, then you will want to read on for the 411 on our #1, 811 responder.

One look at Colin and you might guess that he rides a motorcycle named Valhalla with a battle axe strapped to his back, and you would be partially correct. While he certainly enjoys his time up on two wheels, coasting down the open road with the wind in his beard, we don’t know if he named his bike, or whether he owns any medieval relics. We do know however that despite his mistakably imposing Viking-esque visage, his affable demeanor always looms even larger than his towering stature.

His congenial comportment is an indispensable asset considering his frequent interactions with the public. Whenever a property owner, or a contractor, plans on doing any work that involves digging, they must contact Missouri 811 to place a locate request. If Aptitude fiber-optics are buried anywhere underground work is planned, then Colin is available to be dispatched 24/7 to mark their locations. This ensures that work can proceed without risking costly disruptions to internet service from accidental cable cuts.

Photo: Colin with his kids dressed up for Halloween.

If you could call 811 to locate where Colin’s heart is, you would find it at home with his loving family. Colin has been married to his wife, Faith, for eight years. They have two children together, Oliver 6, and Freya 3. He also expressed a fondness for his mother, who we all thank for raising such an excellent member of our team. Like every great modern family, the Martins love to play video games together. Colin says that his wife is the top gamer among them. They also spend time as a family creating art together or venturing outdoors to the park for fresh air and inspiration.

Colin is excited to be a part of the Aptitude Internet team as we continue to grow and expand. He says he is very invested in the success of the company and imbues his work with the sense of pride he feels being part of the team.

If you’d like to see Colin, you can plan a project that involves digging on your property with underground cables owned by Aptitude Internet. Just call 811 or place your locate request online at If you don’t currently have any underground fiber optic cables on your property, you can call us at 573-755-055 or visit to check for service in your area and get them installed today. 

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