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Employee Spotlight: Charlie Weaver

Charlie Weaver Aptitude Internet

Employee Spotlight: Charlie Weaver

Charlie Weaver Aptitude Internet
Photo: Charlie Weaver strikes a pose at the St. James office after a long day of completely reorganizing the warehouse.
Logistics Manager


Rides: A Motorcycle
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Loves: To travel & volunteer
Favorite Celeb: Guy Fieri
Now Playing: Overwatch or Diablo
Currently Building: A new house

Charlie Weaver joined the Aptitude Internet team in 2013. At that time, Aptitude operated a series of wireless internet sites that served a small community of only 230 customers. Back then, the entire team could fit comfortably inside a single, open-floor room at one of the original offices.

Like many in the company, he started as an Installation Technician and has since served in many roles and taken on a variety of responsibilities. During monthly team meetings it is not out of the ordinary to hear him refer to himself as either HR-Charlie, or Logistics-Charlie, indicating the notional hat he is wearing when delivering important information. He currently serves in an official capacity as Logistics Manager, a role critical to operations that he envisions shaping and leading as the company continues to expand.

Weaver was born in St. Louis but moved to Farmington at an early age. He grew up and went to school with the company founders, recalling when they had their first high-school party, an inexplicably responsible event where they spent an equal amount of time tidying up afterwards. During his teens, he traveled extensively citing Colorado and Alaska among his top favorite places. He once visited famed horror author Stephen King’s Bangor mansion without even getting in any car accidents.

When asked what he does in his free time, Weaver cheerfully remarked that he doesn’t have a lot of free time. Instead, his off-hours are greatly dedicated to volunteerism, especially with the AMVET Riders of Farmington where he serves as President. His dedication to volunteering is a shining example of the value of community service Aptitude was founded upon. 

Charlie Weaver Aptitude Internet
Photo: Charlie Weaver poses for a photo shoot in the park with his girlfriend Tanya and their dogs.

Despite this hectic schedule, Weaver has no worries about his work-life balance. “I never feel like I’m punching the clock” Weaver said of his hours at Aptitude. He says that he loves the mission of bringing high speed internet to the rural communities, bringing him satisfaction above and beyond a simple paycheck.

Weaver met his now girlfriend Tanya, a fellow AMVET rider, during his volunteer service. They recently posed together for a lovely couple’s photo shoot in the park, featuring their canine buddies which you can see more of if you’re friends on Facebook.

While most Weaver’s responsibilities are behind the scenes, you can always benefit from his hard work every time you hop on your internet by Aptitude. If you’d like to see more of him, keep an eye out for job openings where you can apply for the chance to be interviewed for as long as he wears the hat of HR-Charlie.

Photo: Charlie Weaver in his biker duds outside the new office.

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