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The Browser Newsletter - Aptitude Internet
ISSUE NO. 9 MAY 2024

Arlo Home Security  ■  Construction Updates  ■  A.I. Bytes  ■  Signage  ■  ACP Wind-Down  ■  Employee Spotlight: Charlie Weaver  ■  Community Calendar


Arlo home security systems do far more than just deter burglars and capture footage of any disturbances. The discreet, wire-free cameras can actually enhance your life in several valuable ways.

With Arlo’s superior video quality and two-way audio, you can use the cameras as smart baby monitors. Check on your little ones remotely with crystal clear vision and sound, giving you peace of mind when you’re at work or running errands. The cameras also make perfect pet cams to keep tabs on your furry family members while you’re away.

For those caring for elderly relatives, Arlo cameras provide a simple way to discreetly monitor their well-being. Arlo cameras are great for enhancing property security at small businesses, construction sites, and remote areas like vacation homes or rural cabins.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is the option for 24/7 professional video monitoring. Arlo’s security monitoring center team keeps watchful eyes on your cameras day and night, ready to quickly request a dispatch of emergency responders if any suspicious activity is detected.

With such versatility, an Arlo system is the perfect all in-one solution for home security and so much more.

Learn more about Arlo at or give us a call at 573-755-0555.


Phelps County (Rolla & St James)

  • Splicing is being completed
  • Location Drops
  • Final network troubleshooting
  • Installs are being scheduled as service becomes available in each location

St James (I-44 North)

  • Installs are being scheduled by our Customer Care
    Team as soon as available

South St. Francois

  • Splicing is underway

Northeast St. Francois

  • Placing anchors and hanging strand
  • Work is current and ongoing

South Jefferson

  • Work continuing from last month

We will also be sending regular construction updates directly to your inbox if you are signed up for notification.

Once all construction, including fiber drops, are complete in your service area, our Customer Care Team will contact you directly to schedule an installation appointment if you are signed up for notification.


Solid State Batteries

Researchers at MIT have unveiled a groundbreaking solid-state battery that could revolutionize energy storage. This battery uses a proprietary solid electrolyte, eliminating flammable liquids found in lithium-ion batteries for improved safety. It boasts impressive energy density for longer battery life and range in electric vehicles. The solid-state design allows higher temperature operation and an extended lifecycle. With increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions, this solid-state battery breakthrough paves the way for a greener, more efficient future
across industries from consumer electronics to grid storage. As the world confronts climate change, MIT’s innovation represents a major step toward reshaping energy utilization.

Quantum Cybersecurity Shields Digital Future

The revelation of advanced quantum computing capabilities has ushered in a new era of cybersecurity threats. Conventional encryption methods are vulnerable to quantum attacks, prompting an urgency to develop robust quantum-proof cybersecurity solutions. Answering this call, researchers have pioneered quantum key distribution (QKD) – a revolutionary protocol that harnesses quantum mechanics to create unbreakable encryption keys. Leveraging the quantum properties of photons, QKD allows two parties to produce a random secret key known only to them, detecting any interception attempt. Major institutions have already implemented QKD for secure communications, fortifying digital infrastructures against emerging quantum threats.

Disclaimer: These two short articles are AI generated as an experiment in automated content creation, as such accuracy cannot be guaranteed and all information should be considered for entertainment purposes only.


Late last month a friendly neighbor in Rolla made us aware of a potential issue with our roadside “Coming Soon” signage throughout the county.

Many of our signs posted at intersections North of Outer Rd. in St. James had been taken out of the ground and discarded in a nearby ditch, seemingly replaced by nondescript competitor signs with non-local hotline numbers.

While this alleged mishandling of our property is disappointing, we never pass up an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade.

We are considering a lawn signage incentive program for our new customers. Since our signage is currently placed in public right-of-ways, not private property, we can’t always secure reliable placement for our signage. The program we envision is an exchange of bill credits for placing a “Coming Soon” sign in your lawn for a certain period of time. While we are working out the details, if this is something you might be interested in, we’d love to hear from you.



The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a government initiative that provided discounts on internet services for eligible customers, has concluded its funding as anticipated earlier this year.

We have already notified all our customers who were receiving the ACP discount about this change, including details on how it will impact their future billing. If you are an ACP beneficiary and have not received communication from us regarding these updates, please contact us if you have any questions.

Although federal funding is no longer available through the ACP, we are actively exploring alternative options. This includes programs offered by the Missouri Broadband Development office and non-profit organizations aimed at assisting consumers with defraying the costs of high-speed internet connectivity.

Rest assured, we remain committed to providing no-contract service at affordable and competitive rates, continuing our efforts to make the internet
more accessible.

If we identify a comparable alternative to the ACP discount, eligible customers will be promptly informed.

Should you have any inquiries, you can reach us at 573-755-0555.

This serves as the final update regarding the conclusion of the ACP, reiterating the information from our April 2024 newsletter for those who may have missed it previously.

Photo: Tristan Wamble at the St James utility yard
Photo: Tristan Wamble poses for a themed photo shoot with his family.
Photo: Wamble’s cherished 2008 Pontiac G8.


Aerial Team Lead


Currently Listening: Everything
Favorite Hobby: Fishing
Loves: Throwing a wrench on the car
Favorite Food: Mexican
Sports: Baseball & Basketball

Tristan Wamble joined the Aptitude Internet team in 2021,proving his indomitable work ethic from the outset by taking on the toilsome tasks of General Laborer with the construction team of Aptitude’s then subsidiary, Midwest Fiber Construction (MFC).

When MFC was dissolved, Wamble was among the chosen few absorbed into the in-house construction crew. He soon experienced the accelerated career progression emblematic of our company’s career ladder, leading to his current position as Aerial Crew Team Lead, St. James.

Wamble was born in Page, Arizona but spent most of his childhood moving around towns in Southeast Missouri. He stayed active growing up, achieving the athletic trifecta of playing baseball, basketball, and marching band in high school. He even set a record for pitching a no-hitter, an award he cherishes and keeps to this day.

Wamble expressed an affinity for skills of the trades, leading him to undertake official training to become a Lineman in 2019, and the subsequent apprenticeship to further develop his knowledge and expertise.

One of the things Wamble loves most about his job is being out in the full glory of nature, unrestrained by the oppressive confinement of an air-conditioned office space.

He says he doesn’t mind his nearly three-and-a-half-hour daily commute to and from his home across the Illinois border, as it allows him to vibe to his superabundant Apple Music playlist of over 7800 songs.

When he’s home, he enjoys playing with his one-year-old daughter, Wrenley Sue, mostly by keeping her from exploring the electrical outlets.

When he’s not driving several hours each day, Wamble pursues a hobby that is also a family tradition by wrenching on one of his favorite project cars. He currently maintains the spiff on either his 2008 Pontiac G8 or a 1999 Mustang GT. He’s also an avid fisherman, boasting an 8-pound largemouth bass as his biggest catch.

Wamble looks forward to continuing to grow at Aptitude and has his sights aimed at project management. If you’d like to see more of Wamble, keep an eye out for a convoy of Aptitude utility trucks headed for the forest of fiber-laden utility poles around Phelps County. If you just want to drop him a line, or compliment his expert field work you can leave your regards with us at 573-755-0555.


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