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St. James Fiber Expansion

Check the progress in your community.

Completion 70%


Great news.

Aptitude is talking with local municipality leadership. Once permits and easements have been finalized, we will begin designing the fiber network and preparing for construction.


See the progress with your own eyes.

We’re laying conduit, installing pedestals and pulling mainline fiber. We apologize in advance for our dirt as we build the network and repair any disruption to properties and lawns.


We’re mapping out where the fiber will enter your house.

Aptitude is scheduling drop install appointments, allowing us to plan around irrigation systems and electric dog fences. We will then “drop” the fiber line to a small box attached outside the home. Please do not remove or relocate flags near your home.



It’s go time.

Aptitude is scheduling installations to bring the fiber into your homes. These installations take 2-3 hours to complete and will include a modem and Wi-Fi router.

Additional Questions? Contact our team at or 573-755-0555

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