Does the install include a router?

    The install includes the required ONT which has built in Wifi. Depending on the size of your home, and number of devices that will be connected to your network, you may want to upgrade the router on your own.

    When will I be able to be installed?

    We don’t currently have an ETA or timeline for completeion of this project, but if you’re on the Early-Bird Signup list you’ll be notified as soon as the project is complete.

    How does the install work?

    The install will be similar to any other internet provider: a cable will be ran from the pole to the home, a box will be installed on the outside of the home, the cable will be ran to the inside of the house and the cable will be hooked up to the required ONT provided by Aptitude. We cannot use existing cables.

    Will your services include phone and TV?

    We do have the ability to provide phone and TV services, but will only do so if enough customers are
    interested in those services.

    How is this internet service different than the service I have now?

    Elevate by Aptitude is a Fiber Optic Internet connection. Utilizing the latest GPON technology to provide the fastest and most reliable Internet experience possible.

    Is There a Contract?

    Aptitude does not require a contract for its Elevate fiber internet service.

    What is an ONT?

    An Optical Network Terminal also referred to as an ONU(Optical Network Unit), is the device provided by Elevate to connect your home to our GPON Fiber Optic network. Our ONT’s are installed inside the home and include built in WIFI for secure and easy connectivity.

    What is GPON?

    Gigabit Passive Optical Network is the specific type of Fiber Optic network utilized by Elevate in order to provide our customers with the fastest and most reliable Internet connection available.

    Will my existing equipment and wiring be useable?

    Existing equipment and wiring cannot be Integrated or used for your Elevate connection. However, third party wireless routers(not provided from other service providers) can be added to the network to increase WIFI range or versatility at the customers discretion. **Please note Elevate by Aptitude is not responsible for configuration or functionality of additional third-party devices.**

    How long will the Installation take?

    Installation will vary from house to house and can be more accurately determined by a certified Elevate Installer.

    Will we have to be home for the installation?

    A certified account user over the age of 18 must be home during the entirety of the installation process. (Excluding exterior work that may be done in advance of or following the installation.)

    Is a credit check necessary to sign up for service?

    Aptitude does not run credit checks on customers.

    Aptitude Internet Solutions has been serving the region with reliable high-speed internet for over 10 years!

    We’re excited to bring our services to you! From the beginning, we set out to treat our customers more like family members, friends, and neighbors. As internet access moves from being a luxury item into being a necessary utility used for work, education and entertainment. In the past, rural areas have been left behind but ELEVATE is here to bring you up to speed. This need for affordable reliable high-speed internet has been made even more apparent by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, as more people are having to work and learn from home. ELEVATE by Aptitude is working hard to help connect our rual communities, and we’re excited to start offering new services in your area!